Abstract Submission

All participants are invited to submit abstracts of scientific communications which will be peer-reviewed by the Symposium Committee. Abstracts can be submitted via the online Abstract Submission only.
The presenting authors (oral and poster presentations) from Japan have to be a member of the Japanese Peptide Society (JPS). Please complete the admission procedure to JPS before your abstract submissions, if you are a non-member (see JPS website: http://www.peptide-soc.jp/03.html).

For abstract submissions, please complete the abstract submission procedure by logging-in to your My Page. (If you have not yet registered your personal information, please first complete the required items on the ID Application page in order to acquire your log-in ID and Password).

  • Submissions Accepted: Deadline of abstract submission for poster presentations has been extended till September 13th (Fri).
    * Deadline of abstract submission for oral presentations will not be extended. (closed on August 31 (Sat))
  • Notification of Acceptance: September 20th
  • Publication debut: October 10th
Abstracts must be submitted via the online Abstract Submission Service in doc or docx format using the instructions and template provided. Doc or docx file should include title, author(s), affiliation(s), e-mail address, abstract text, reference (if any) and diagram (if any).
  • Manuscript Size: A4 style paper (not standard US letter), one page
  • Margins: 30 mm on all sides
  • Font: Times New Roman
  • Title: Capitalized first letter of each word except prepositions, articles and species' names (14 pt, Bold)
  • Authors: Underline lead author's name (12 pt)
  • Affiliations: Italics (12 pt)
  • E-mail address: do not italicize (12 pt)
  • Abstract Text: do not italicize (12 pt)
  • Abstracts will be printed in black & white, thus all authors are asked to supply any images, graphics or drawings in grayscale.
Select one topic from the list of topics which best describes the content of your submission. If your submission cannot be well defined by any of the proposed topics, select 'other'.
1. Synthesis of Peptides
♦Synthetic Methodology for Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins; ♦Peptide Ligation Technology; ♦Synthesis of Glyco-, Lipo-, Phospho- and Sulfo-Peptides; ♦Synthesis of Peptidomimetics; ♦Peptide-based Catalysis for Asmmetric Organic Synthesis; ♦Combinatorial Technology and Peptide Library Synthesis; ♦Peptide/Protein Synthesis Using an Expanded Genetic Code; ♦Non-ribosomal Peptide Synthesis; ♦Industrial Scale Production of Peptides
2. Biology of Peptides
♦Identification of Functional Peptides; ♦Pharmacological and Physiological Significance of Bioactive Peptides; ♦Peptides in Immunology Including Vaccines; ♦Peptidome and Peptide Markers; ♦Post-translational Modifications of Peptides; ♦Peptide Tools in Chemical Biology; ♦Peptide-based Imaging Agents
3. Structure of Peptides
♦Structure-Activity Relationships of Peptides; ♦Structure and Conformational Studies of Peptides; ♦Folding and Fibril Formation by Peptides; ♦Peptide Biophysics; ♦Structure of Membrane Bound Peptides and Receptors
4. Peptides as Drug and Drug Candidates
♦Delivery and Pharmaceutical Formulation of Peptide Drugs; ♦Cell Penetrating Peptides; ♦Clinical Use of Peptide Drugs; ♦Protease and Proteasome Inhibitors for Therapeutic Applications; ♦Peptides Against Infectious Diseases
5. Technological Advances of Peptides
♦Peptide Probes for Biological Studies and Therapeutics; ♦Peptide and Protein Material Sciences; ♦Peptides in Food and Cosmetic Science; ♦Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs); ♦Peptide Analysis and Separation; ♦Peptide and Protein Bioinfomatics; ♦Conjugates with Peptides and Proteins for Therapeutic Applications
6. Other
Poster Award and Young Investigator Award
Applicants must be the presenting author of an abstract submitted for the 4th APIPS and be born on or after April 2nd, 1978. To apply for the Young Investigators Oral/Poster Competition, make sure to check the appropriate checkbox during your abstract submission.
Travel Award for Overseas Students
A limited number of overseas students will be supported with a travel grant. Applicants must be the presenting author of an abstract submitted for the 4th APIPS and be born on or after April 2nd, 1978. Those wishing to apply for Travel Award should electronically send the following items, preferably combined as one pdf file, to APIPS2013@peptide.co.jp.
  • A copy of the abstract, submitted to the Symposium.
  • A letter of recommendation, signed electronically, from their supervisor.
  • A brief curriculum vitae
We are accepting applications for Travel Award until August 31st, 2013. Applicants will be notified of the decision in the middle of September 2013. Successful applicants will be reimbursed at the Conference.