Instruction to Chairs and Presenters
For Chairpersons
Session compositions are controlled by the chairpersons. Chairpersons are asked to ensure all sessions start and end punctually as scheduled. The timekeeper will assist with timing by bell signal.

ONE ring: 2 minutes remaining
TWO rings: End of the presentation and start of the question time
THREE rings: End of the question time. Allotted time is over.
For Presenters in Oral Sessions
1.   Only computer-based presentations are available.
2.   Before your presentation, please be sure to visit "Speaker Ready Room" (Hotel Hankyu Expo park, Main Bldg. 2F Icho room, Operating hours: 8:00-16:00). Our staff will check and preview your presentation files. After checking, come to the "PC Desk" at the front of the room by 20 minutes before your presentation to check your data. Presenter's laptop will be connected to a Video Switcher. Presenter’s data file will be saved to a PC that is prepared by us.
3.   All speakers are asked to keep the allocated presentation time.

Invited Lectures (25 min) 20 min for presentation, 5 min for discussion
Oral Presentations (20 min) 15 min for presentation, 5 min for discussion
Young Investigators' Symposium (13 min) 10 min for presentation, 3 min for discussion

For Windows users
1.   Please bring your own laptop or presentation data.
If you bring only presentation data, you will use Windows PC that is prepared by us during your presentation.
CD-R (CD-ROM) or USB Flash Memory will be accepted.
* Writing operation into CD-R: Hybrid format
* CD-RW: Not acceptable
2.   Application: Power Point (2003/2007/2010) is only available.
Presentation data that is made by Windows 8 (Office 2013) cannot be acceptable. In this case, please bring and use your own laptop.
3.   Your MSWord file may contain traditional English or Greek characters.
It should NOT contain any other language characters, such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean.
4.   If image or chart is linked with the presentation data, please save all together with original data and demonstrate the movement in advance.
5.   If video file is contained in the presentation data, please bring and use your own laptop.
6.   Please demonstrate your presentation data in medium (CD-R or USB Flash Memory) with other PC beforehand and scan the data with an anti-virus software.
7.   Please bring an AC adaptor.
8.   Backup all your presentation data in your laptop is recommended to avoid the data corruption.
For Macintosh users
1.   Please note that bring your own laptop because Macintosh PC is not prepared by us.Any Macintosh model and applications is available but a laptop must have USB ports.

Ensure that your laptop is equipped with the proper monitor connector (D-sub 15 pin). If your laptop does not have this connection, please bring an appropriate connector with you.

3.   Please bring an AC adaptor.
4.   Backup all your presentation data in your laptop beforehand is recommended.
For Presenters in Poster Sessions
1.   Schedule for Set-up, Discussion and Removal
  Set-up Discussion Removal
P-001 - P-094 Nov 06 (Wed)
Nov 06 (Wed)
Nov 07 (Thr)
P-095 - P-189 Nov 07 (Thr)
Nov 07 (Thr)
Nov 08 (Fri)
2.   Poster panel in W90 x H180, presentation No. label and push pins will be provided.
3.   Any posters remaining on panels after the removal time will be discarded by the Secretariat.
(The Secretariat will not keep nor mail posters.)