Committee Members
Important Dates
Abstract Submission
Information for Participants
Information for Chairs and Presenters
Travel Grant
About the Attractive Venue
Information for Chairs and Presenters
Instruction for Chairs
  Chairpersons are requested to be seated at the next chairs’ seat located in the right front of the hall no later than 10 minutes before the start of the session.
Session Progress
  Chairpersons are asked to ensure that all sessions start and finish punctually as scheduled.
Staff will assist with timing.
Instruction for Oral Presenters
Presentation Materials
  Only computer-based PowerPoint presentations will be accepted, and no sound output equipment will be available.
Laptop Computer
  Please be sure to bring your own laptop computer.
We ask you to bring your presentation file in USB or CD-ROM for back up as well.
  <Technical Requirements for Your Laptop Computer>
Ensure that your laptop computer is equipped with the proper monitor connector (mini D-sub 15 pin) as shown below. If your computer does not have this connection, please bring an appropriate converter with you.
Be sure to bring an AC adaptor. Please note that voltage in Japan is 100V and the frequency ranges 50-60 Hz depending on the area (50Hz in Tokyo). The socket is type A, which has two flat plug holes. If your laptop is not convertible, transformers and/or plug adaptors are necessary.
Adjust the settings to prevent activation of the screen saver or power-saving mode.
mini D-sub 15 pins
  Please bring your laptop computer to the preview desk in Session Room at least 30 minutes before your presentation.
  In order to maintain the meeting schedule, you are requested to keep time allocation strictly.
Instruction for Poster Presenters
Size and Set-up / Removal
PA:   Oct 23 (Tue)   9:00-13:00
PB:   Oct 25 (Thu)   9:00-13:00
PA:   Oct 24 (Wed)   18:30-19:00
PB:   Oct 26 (Fri)   14:30-15:00
  * Any posters remaining on panels after the removal time will be discarded by the secretariat.
Please include your Poster No., Title, Author(s), and Affiliation(s) at the top of your poster.
Poster presentations
Poster session 1 (odd numbers):   Oct 23 (Tue)   17:00-18:00
Poster session 2 (even numbers):   Oct 24 (Wed)   17:30-18:30
Poster session 3 (odd numbers):   Oct 25 (Thu)   18:15-19:00
Poster session 4 (even numbers):   Oct 26 (Fri)   13:00-14:30
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