Abstract submission
Abstract submission: April 27 (Mon), 11:00 JST –
May 27 (Wed), 18:00 JST, 2015
June 3 (Wed), 18:00 JST, 2015
Thank you very much for your abstract submission.
Abstract Submission including editing and withdrawal has been closed.

1. Requirements of Presenters
Oral or Poster Presentation:
To submit an abstract for Oral or Poster Presentation, BSJ membership is required.
■ If your affiliation is in Japan and you are a Non-Member of BSJ, please complete to register to be a BSJ member via BSJ website beforehand.
■ If your affiliation is outside Japan and you are a Non-Member of BSJ, you can submit an abstract. In this case, registration fee is charged at Member rates.
■ Members of the Physical Society of Japan, the Biophysical Society of Australia, or the Japanese Society of Microscopy can submit abstracts as same condition as BSJ members.
Symposium Presentation:
For the submission of an abstract for symposium, BSJ membership is not required.
■ Symposium speakers can also submit an abstract for Oral or Poster Presentation.

2. Online Submission
■ Please submit your abstract via “Online Registration” of this website.
■ There are two types of presentations: Oral and Poster Presentations. Please select your preferable type of presentation (Oral or Poster Presentation) at the abstract submission.
Please note that your preference may not be accommodated.
■ Please note it would expect the online system not to work smoothly just before the deadline because of heavy access traffic.
■ Title and abstract must be written in English.

3. Confirm/Edit / Withdrawal of Submitted Abstracts
You may confirm, edit or withdraw your abstract during the submission period as many times as you need. But you cannot do so after the submission period is closed.

4. Information for Symposium and Oral Presentations
Please bring a laptop with you for your presentation. A projector is equipped in each lecture room.
Prepare your slides in English and give your presentation in English.

5. Information for Poster Presentations
A poster must be written in English.
Posters will be replaced every day for the next poster presentations.
Further information will be released later.
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