Early Career Award in Biophysics
Detailed program is here.

Since 2005, Biophysical Society of Japan (BSJ) has granted the award to young BSJ members for their excellent annual meeting presentations that are to be able to contribute to the progress of biophysics. A list of past award winners is posted on the following website:
We invite graduate students and young scientists to apply for the award. The award will be granted to up to five young BSJ members at the 2015 annual meeting.

1. Requirements for application
Members of BSJ (including those in the process of membership application) are encouraged to apply who will give presentations at the 2015 annual BSJ meeting and meet the following five requirements.
(1) Applicants must be 35 years old or younger as of the date 2015/4/1.
(2) Applicants must be the first author of the presentation listed on the award application.
(3) Applicants must be a registered presenter who will actually give a talk or a poster by him or herself.
(4) Applicants should register first for the 2015 annual BSJ meeting and apply for presentation before completing the award application. Only one application per member is allowed.
(5) Past Early Career Award in Biophysics winners are ineligible.
Note that it is not mandatory but is hoped that the applicants are an author of a paper published in BIOPHYSICS (the journal of BSJ). Also note that if the applicants have ever invited to give a presentation at the Early Career Award in Biophysics Candidate Presentation Symposium, they cannot apply for the award again on the same subject as that of the previous application.

2. Application procedure
First, applicants should register for the 2015 annual BSJ meeting and submit an abstract for presentation. Then, applicants should fill out the application form that can be found at the following web site:
Then, email this application form to the BSJ office (bpsjp@biophys.jp) with the subject title "Application for BSJ Early Career Award in Biophysics.”

3. Research fields
1. Structure and Function of Proteins
2. Properties of Proteins (Folding, dynamics etc.)
3. Nucleic Acids
4. Cellular Biology
5. Photobiology
6. Muscle
7. Molecular Motors
8. Biomembranes, artificial membranes
9. Bioinformatics
10. Imaging, methodology
11. Brain and neuroscience
12. Others (Please specify.)

4. Screening processes
The first screening is carried out on the basis of the submitted application forms. Ten candidates selected in this stage will be invited as speakers to the Early Career Award in Biophysics Candidate Presentation Symposium to be held on the first morning of the annual meeting. In the second screening, the ten invited speakers will give oral presentations at this symposium. Finally, up to five awardees will be selected based on their presentation performances. The screening is carried out by the Early Career Award in Biophysics selection committee.

5. Awards ceremony
The Early Career Award in Biophysics ceremony will be held at the banquet on the second day of the annual meeting. All the ten speakers of the Early Career Award in Biophysics Candidate Presentation Symposium will be invited to the banquet. The award certificates and plaques will be presented to the winners. The winners’ names and subjects of their presentations will be published later on the website of BSJ: http://www.biophys.jp/ann/ann01_02.html.

6. Application deadline
The deadline for the application is May 27th, 2015 (18:00 JST). May 29th, 2015 (12:00 JST) closed