Information for Participants

  1. Registration Procedure
  2. Bio-industry Seminar – Luncheon Seminar
  3. Program
  4. Services & Facilities
  5. Participants with Children
  6. Prohibitions

1. Registration Procedure


On-site Registration is available at 2F, Conference Center
Those who have made Advance Registration do not need to register on site. Your name-badges will be mailed to you in the end of August, please wear it and enter the meeting rooms.
The name-badges will be sent to only those who completed Advance Registration and paid registration fee by Friday, August 2nd. Your Advance Registration will be automatically cancelled, if you do not pay registration fee by the due date. In this case, please make On-site Registration on the meeting day.
*For international participants who complete Advance Registration, please pick up your name-badge at the Registration Desk in the meeting day.

Registration Desk

Lobby, 2F Conference Center
Open Hours:
Sep. 11th (Wed.) & Sep.12th (Thu.) 8:15 - 17:00
Sep. 13th (Fri.) 8:00 - 16:30
On-site Registration, General Information, JBS Membership Registration

On-site Registration Fee

  Registration Fee Banquet Program Booklet & Web-Abstracts
JBS Member Regular JPY10,000

JPY 10,000

Included in JBS membership fee
Graduate Student JPY 3,000

JPY 3,000

Non-Member Regular JPY 12,000

JPY 12,000

Purchasable at JBS Secretariat Desk
Graduate Student JPY 5,000

JPY 4,000

Undergraduate FREE¦1

JPY 3,000

*1 You must show any documents certifying your enrollment such as Student ID.


For those who make On-site Registration, please fill your name and affiliation into the name-badge. You are not permitted to enter any meeting sites without name-badge.


We will be pleased to welcome you to the banquet, which will be held as follows;
Date & Time: Wednesday, September 11th. 18:45 - 20:45
Venue: InterContinental Ballroom, 3F, INTERCONTINENTAL YOKOHAMA GRAND
Capacity: 300 persons

Program Booklet & Web-Abstracts

Program Booklet will be mailed to JBS members in advance. You can purchase it for JPY 4,000 at JBS Secretariat Desk as long as they are in stock.
Web-Abstracts will be available on the meeting website.

Program Browsing Application

Electric Abstracts App is available for Smartphones (iPhone/Androidj and tablets devices iiPad/iPod Touch/Androidj. You can search abstractsf titles, see abstracts list by the time table and bookmark pages with this App.
This App can be downloaded free at App Store or Google Play (Previous name: Android Market).
Name of the App: The 86th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society
Search Keywords: The Japanese Biochemical Society, Biochemistry, jbs2013

JBS Membership

You can join and / or make payment for JBS membership annual fee at the JBS Secretariat Desk located by the Registration Desk.
Please note that JBS will ask you to make payment for both 2013 and 2014 annual fee at the same time if you apply JBS membership after September 1st 2013, since fiscal period begins September 1st (Article 2 of JBS detailed regulation). You must be a JBS member and complete payment for 2013 annual fee, if you register this meeting as gMemberh (both regular and graduate student), or you are a presenter of poster presentation.

2013 Annual Fee iJan.–Dec. 2013j [Member] Regular -JPY7,500, Graduate Student- JPY3,000
2014 Annual Fee iJan.–Dec. 2014j [Member] Regular -JPY7,500, Graduate Student- JPY3,000
  TTL JPY15,000 TTL JPY6,000
If you wish to subscribe printed version of
“Journal of Biochemistry” for 2014*
Journal -JPY2,000 JPY2,000
  TTL JPY17,000 TTL JPY8,000

* gJournal of Biochemistryh will be issued monthly by December 2013. Starting 2014, gJournal of Biochemistryh will be bimonthly journal and uploaded on the website. JBS members will have complete access to this site free. You can subscript the printed version of gJournal of Biochemistryh for JPY2,000 and it will be delivered to you by mail. If you wish to subscribe printed version of gJournal of Biochemistryh for 2014, please pay addtional JPY2,000 to the registration fee.

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2. Bio-industry (Luncheon Seminar)

Lunch Ticket will be needed to participate in Bio-industry Seminar, due to limited amount of lunches offered at these seminars. Please come to the Luncheon Seminar rooms with the ticket. You can receive Lunch Ticket at the following place;
Please note that the registration fee does not include the lunch fee.

Bio-industry Seminar Desk
gLunch Exchange Ticketh, which will be attached with the name – badge,
will be needed to receive gLunch Ticketh.

PlaceF2F, Conference Center (near the Registration Desk)
Open Hours: 8:15 - 10:30 Sep. 11th (Wed.) - Sep. 12th (Thu.)
*You can exchange the ticket for only the day the seminars are held.

*Lunch services at Bio-industry seminars will be provided by cosponsoring companies and groups. You can receive the lunch service by exchanging the gLunch Exchange Ticketh to gLunch Ticketh.
Number of Lunch Ticket differs depending on the seminars and distribution of Lunch Ticket will be closed as all the tickets are distributed.


Lunch Ticket is invalid after the start time of the seminars (11:45).
Please arrive at the seminar rooms before the start time.
If you do not show up the rooms by the start time, the lunches will be provided to those who are attending the seminars without the tickets.

Attending Bio-industry Seminars without Lunch Ticket

You can attend Bio-industry Seminars without Lunch Tickets, however, please note that no lunch service will be provided.

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3. Program

Late-Breaking Abstracts

gLate-Breaking Abstractsh which have been submitted during the period from Jun. 13th (Thu.) to Jul. 23,th (Tue.), will be presented at the Poster Presentation room.
For those whose papers have been accepted as oral presentations you must make oral presentation at Room 19 (inside of the Poster Presentation room) as well.
Late-Breaking Abstracts will not be included on printed Program booklets, however, they will be included on Web Abstracts on the meeting website.

Luncheon Workshop on Gender Equality

Date & Time: Sep. 11th (Wed.) 11:45 -12:45
Venue: Room 5 i304, 3Fj

Luncheon Workshop on “Journal of Biochemistry”

You can learn how to write research papers in English for gJournal of Biochemistry g(JB) in this luncheon workshop.
Date & Time: Sep. 12th (Thu.) 11:45 -12:45
Venue: Room 5 i304, 3Fj

Exhibition –Machinery, Chemical Reagents, Books etc.-

You need to register if you plan to attend only Exhibition.

Date & Time:
Sep. 11th (Wed.) & Sep. 12th (Thu.) 10:00 -18:30
Sep. 13th (Fri.) 10:00-15:30
Exhibition Hall B

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4. Services & Facilities

Snacks and Beverages

Snacks and beverages can be purchased at the Exhibition Hall.

Bulletin Board

There is no paging service at the meeting site except for emergency. To make contact with other participants, please post and check message on the bulletin board placed near the Registration Desk.


Cloakroom is available for your luggages.  Please note that valuables and computers cannot be accepted.  We are not responsible for any damage or loss at the cloakroom.

1F, Conference Center
Open Hours:
Sep. 11th (Wed.) and Sep. 12th (Thu.) 8:15-19:00
Sep. 13th (Fri.) 8:15-18:15

Business Center

There are two Business Centers inside of the meeting site. (Charged services)

1F, Conference Center
2F, Exhibition Hall
Service provided:
Copying, printing, PC& Internet, delivery etc.

Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi is available at the meeting site such as lobby and hallways (not available at lecture rooms).
You can also use PC and internet service in Business Center. (Charged service)


There are some parking spaces on the meeting site, however, participants are encouraged to use public transportation due to the limited capacity.


We will NOT take any credit card at the Registration Desk.
There is no ATM inside of the meeting site. There is an ATM inside of the Convenience store (Daily Yamazaki) located in Exhibition Hall.


The Delivery Desk will be opened as follows. Delivery service is provided at Business Center as well.
Date & Time: Sep. 13th (Fri.) 15:00-16:30
LocationF Poster Presentation Room Entrance, Exhibition Hall B

Convenience Store / Cafes and restaurants

There are a convenience store (Daily Yamazaki), cafes and restaurants in PACIFICO YOKOHAMA.

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5. Participants with Children

Nursery Room

Nursery service will be provided by the babysitting company during the meeting. This is charge services and you need to register prior to the meeting.

Open Hours:
Sep. 11th (Wed.) – Sep. 13th (Fri.) 8:15 - 19:00
*Please prepare meals for your child/ children and stay with your child / children during the meal time.
Age limitation:
Children between 8 weeks and 12 years old
Contract babysitting company:
ALPHA Corporation Inc.
JPY400 (Tax included) / hour (a fraction less than one hour will be rounded up to one hour)
*Payment should be made when you bring your child / children into Nursery room.
The nursery staffs will be arranged upon your application. You must pay whole amount based on your application, if you cancel or shorten the nursery service time on the day. If you inevitably extend the nursery service time, you will be asked to pay extra for extended time.
Send an email with followings to ALPHA Corporation Inc.
Message Title:
JBS2013 Nursery Service Application
  1. Your name, institution and phone number (can be reached before and on the meeting day).
  2. Name, age and gender of your child / children
  3. Date and time you would like to receive the service
  4. Special attention or notes for nursery such as allergy
*You will receive confirmation email with gterms of servicesh and gapplication sheeth after your email to ALPHA Corporation Inc. In case you do not receive any email from them by Friday, September 6th, please call them directly.
Application Due:
Wednesday, September 4th
ALPHA Corporation Inc.
E-mail:@Tel: +81(0)3-5772-1222 Fax: +81(0)3-5772-1224
Open: Monday to Friday 9:30 -18:30 Contact person: Kotaki or Sato
ALPHA Corporation Inc. has the insurances in order to prepare unforeseen accidents. The damage of accidents will be insured as long as it is within its insurance coverage. Please note that JBS and the 86th annual meeting of JBS will not be responsible for any accidents related to the nursery services.

Break Room for Child and Parent

You can use the Break Room for Child and Parent for having breaks or meals with your child / children, or diaper-changing.
There is a nursing area inside of this room. You do not need to make any reservation to use this room. You can use this room anytime you want. However, you must stay with your child/ children to use this room, no staff will be attending this room. Please note that JBS and the 86th annual meeting of JBS will not be responsible for any accidents during your use of the Break Room for Child and Parent.
Location: 513, 5F, Conference Center
Open Hours: 8:15 - 17:00 (during meeting days)

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6. Prohibitations

Photography / Recording

No photography and recording with cameras, videos, mobiles or any devises is allowed at the lectures, presentations and in poster room.


Mobiles are prohibited in the lectures, the presentations and the poster rooms. Please set your mobiles for silent operation and prevent them to make any sounds during the lectures and presentations.


Smoking is prohibited in all areas. Smoking is allowed only in smoking areas.

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