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The biennial TNF-family conferences have been held from 1987, when human TNF was cloned. These meetings have followed the enormous progress in the field of the inflammatory cytokines, or innate immunity. Much is now known about the TNF and receptor families, the inflammatory cytokines and their receptors, signaling proteins in the innate immune system, and physiological and pathological functions of the TNF and inflammatory cytokines.

The 13th TNF International Conference, to be held in May 2011, will focus on the physiological, pathophysiological, and medical significance of these important regulators. Sessions at the meeting will specifically address their involvement in immunity, development, apoptosis, autoimmunity, cancer, and infection, the normal function and pathology of the neuronal system, as well as major unresolved questions about their mechanisms of action. We will also discuss how to use our knowledge of this system for the better treatment of patients.

TNF2011 will definitely be the meaningful gathering for TNF scientists not only from Asian countries but also from all over the world. We encourage each of you to attend TNF2011 and take participate in everything we have in store for you.

Your participation will be highly appreciated for the progress of science and world's health.

President of 13th International TNF Conference
Kyoto University, the Graduate School of Medicine
Professor, Shigekazu Nagata, Ph.D.

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