The 2nd JCS Council Forum on Basic CardioVascular Research

Call for Abstracts

[IMPORTANT] Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

The first author and co-authors are all required to disclose their Conflicts of Interest (COI) when submitting abstracts. Co-authors who failed to disclose the status of COI will be excluded from the author list in their abstracts.
More details can be found on "COI Disclosure" page.

COI Disclosure Deadline: July 17, 2018

Abstract Submission Period

Abstract Submission Period: April 9 – July 2  -> July 9, 2018

Both first authors and co-authors will receive an email requesting declaration of COI from us after completing abstract submission.
Co-authors who failed to disclose the status of COI will be excluded from the author list in their abstracts.

Presentation style & Requirements

Regular presentations consist of following two sessions:

Award Session (Oral Presentation)
We invite submissions of abstracts for Award Session. Presenters for this session will be selected through the careful selection process.
Some of submissions will be selected for sponsored symposium. Those whose submissions have selected neither for Award Session nor sponsored symposium, will be presenters of poster session.
Only JCS members can submit abstracts for Award Session.

Poster Session
Nonmember can submit abstracts for Poster Session as well as JCS members.

Award Session

Presenters for Award Session will be selected from those who have submitted abstracts for regular presentations and apply to this session.
Awardees will be selected during the session and receive supplemental prizes.

Best Award   JPY 200,000 / one person
Excellent Award   JPY 150,000 / one person
Encouragement Award   JPY 100,000 / three-person

If you wish to apply for the Award Session, you are required to enter your membership number in the abstract submission process. If you don't know your number, please contact JCS Secretariat.

The Japanese Circulation Society Secretariat
Tel: +81(0)3-5501-0864
Email: jcs-bcvr@j-circ.or.jp

Poster Award

Poster Award will be selected among those who make poster presentations.
The winner will receive a supplemental prize.

Abstract Submission

How to submit abstracts
Submit abstracts through the online submission system.
A title, names of authors and affiliations and abstract body will be printed in the meeting program as you input to the submission system.

Abstracts must be submitted in English. Presentations also must be delivered in English.

Length of Abstract Body
The length of an abstract body should be 2,350 characters or less excluding title and names of authors and affiliations. No figures can be included.

View/ Modify
You can view and modify submitted abstracts during the submission period.

Presentation Categories

Please select the category corresponding to your abstract up to the third choice.

01. Angiogenesis
02. Atherosclerosis/Thromboembolism
03. Aging
04. Aortopathies/Vasculopathies
05. Arrhythmia
06. Autonomic Nervous System
07. Autophagy and Cell Death
08. Calcium Handling and Sarcomere
09. Cardiac Hypertrophy and Function
10. Cardiac Metabolism
11. Cardiomyopathy
12. Development and Differentiation/Regeneration
13. Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome/Lipid Disorders
14. Drug Discovery/Translational Research
15. Gene Therapy/Cell Therapy
16. Genetics and Epigenetics/Omic Technologies
17. Heart Failures
18. Hypertension/Kidney/Interorgan Communication Network
19. Inflammation and Fibrosis
20. Ion Channels and Arrhythmia
21. iPS/Tissue Engineering/Regeneration
22. Mitochondria/Organelles
23. Oxidative Stress and Ischemia
24. Protein Structure and Function
25. Pulmonary Hypertension
26. Receptor Biology/Intracellular Signaling
27. Transcription and RNA Biology
28. Vascular biology
29. Others

[IMPORTANT] Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

Under a common policy concerning conflict of interest (hereinafter "COI") in clinical research and regulations concerning COI Policy in Clinical Research, all presenters and co-presenters are required to self-disclose any COI status including the COI status of the presenter's spouse (partner), immediate family (first of kin), or those who are residing in the presenter's household, and must describe the related commercial entities, foundation organizations, and any other groups related to the clinical research which aim to derive profit within the preceding year.
More details are available at "COI" page. Presenters shall disclose applicable COI status at the begging of the slide presentation (or on a slide following the slide showing the title of presentation and name of presenters), or at the end of a poster

Abstract Submission Page

Click following buttons to submit or modify abstracts.

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Important Notes

We can accept withdrawals of submitted abstracts if we receive withdrawal requests from authors by July 20, 2018, which is two months before the first day of the meeting. After July 21, 2018, we cannot accept any withdrawal requests and submitted abstracts will be regarded as presentation records.

The president of the forum delegates reviewers. They review all submitted abstracts and decide.

Notification of Acceptance
Reviewing results will be informed by email in early August.

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