The 2nd JCS Council Forum on Basic CardioVascular Research

Welcome Greetings

Dear colleagues,

Yoshihiko Saito, MD.
The 2nd JCS Council Forum on Basic CardioVascular Research
Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Nara Medical University

The Japanese Circulation Society (JCS) has developed "The Five-Year Plan for Overcoming Cerebral/Cardiovascular Disease" in cooperation with The Japan Stroke Society. The aim of this plan is to improve the medical care for cerebral and cardiovascular disease (CVD) in an era of increasing the number of stroke and CVD. "5% reduction of age-matched mortality rate by the next 5 years, and extension of healthy life expectancy" are the goal of this plan. To achieve this goal, JCS set up five strategies especially for major three diseases, stroke, heart failure and vascular diseases. One of the five strategies is "strengthening of clinical and basic research," as we believe those research not only contributes to medical care and welfare but becomes to back up core industry, resulting in maintaining global competitiveness.

In hopes of stimulating basic cardiovascular research in Japan, the JCS held the 1st JCS Council Forum on Basic CardioVascular Research (BCVR) in January 2018, under the management of Prof. Issei Komuro from the University of Tokyo. The 2nd JCS Council Forum on BCVR will be held on 22nd-23rd September 2018 in Nara.

On the day, we will have invited lectures by about 10 well-known speakers, including speakers from overseas, as well as lectures for supporting basic research, award lectures and poster presentations. We are also planning a social gathering for all participants on the first night of the forum.

Because of the first year, we will have two forums in the same year, however, we will have this forum once a year in autumn from the next year.

We sincerely look forward to your participation, abstract submission and hope all of the participants enjoy the rich heritage and scenic beautiful places in the first capital of Japan, Nara.