Information for Participants


Pre-Registered Participants

<Resident of Japan>
Please wear your meeting badge sent to you in mid-September and enter the meeting rooms. Only those who completed pre-registration and payment of the registration fee by Thursday, August 2 can receive their meeting badges prior to the meeting.
Your pre-registration was automatically cancelled, if you did not pay the registration fee by the due date. In this case, please register onsite.

<Coming from Overseas>
Please come to Registration Desk to pick up your meeting badge.

Onsite Registration

Registration Desk Location: New Hall
Opening Hours: Sep. 24 & 25, 7:30-17:00, Sep. 26 8:00-15:00
Services: Onsite Registration, General Information, JBS Membership Registration

Registration Fees (Japanese Yen)

Category Pre-Registration Onsite Registration Program Booklet / Abstracts
Regular 10,000 13,000 Included in JBS annual membership fee
Student 2,000 3,000
Regular 13,000 18,000 3,000(tax-included)
Student 3,000 5,000
Undergraduate Students Free* Free*
Exhibition - 2,000

*Undergraduate students are required to show a valid student ID.

・Lunches are not included in the registration fees. 

Meeting Badge (Name Badge)

Make sure to wear your meeting badge at all time during the meeting. You are not allowed to enter any rooms without wearing your meeting badge.

Program Booklet (Web-browsing)

Program booklet will be mailed to JBS members who paid annual membership fee prior to the meeting. The booklets are also purchasable for JPY 3,000 (tax-included) per copy at JBS Secretariat Desk in "New Hall".

Program Search & Abstracts Browsing System and App

Program Search & Abstracts Browsing System and App for Smartphones and tablets devices, are available. This App can be downloaded free at App Store or Google Play.
App Name: The 91st Annual Meeting of JBS
Search Keywords: The Japanese Biochemical Society, Biochemistry, jbs2018
You need ID and password to brows abstracts and use My Page functions. JBS members who registered for JBS2018 and those who purchased the Program booklets can have access to those.
Login ID and Password are printed in the meeting badge. Please make sure not to lose your badge.

JBS Membership / Membership fee (JBS Secretariat Desk)

You can join JBS member and/ or make payment for annual membership fee at JBS Secretariat Desk. Those who joined JBS member can get the Program booklet for free.
JBS Secretariat Desk location: New Hall

Effective period of 2018 annual membership fee:April 2018-March 2019

* The effective period of 2016 annual membership fee was extended by three months for free and the effective period for the annual membership fee has been changed in 2016

Member Status Annual Membership Fee (JPY) Membership Benefit
Regular member 7,500 Members have free access to electronic version of "SEIKAGAKU" and "The Journal of Biochemistry", and can purchase printed version of the journals for special price
Student member 3,000

2.Bio-industry Seminars (Luncheon Seminars)

To attend a Bio-industry Seminar, you need a ticket for each seminar due to limited amount of lunches offered at a seminar.

Pre-registered participants

Those who registered for Bio-industry Seminar(s) will be receive" Bio-industry Seminar Ticket(s)" with your meeting badge in mid-September. Please make sure to bring it (them) with you.

Participants who will register onsite

30% of seminar tickets will be distributed on each seminar day. We strongly recommend you come to the following place to receive the tickets as early as you can since number of tickets is limited.

Bio-industry Seminar Desk
Location: near Registration Desk (New Hall)
Ticket Distribution Time: 7:30-10:00 (Tickets are limited one ticket per day per attendee.)

*Lunch services at Bio-industry seminars will be provided by cosponsoring companies and groups. Number of tickets varies depending on each seminar. Ticket distribution will be closed as all the tickets are distributed.


Bio-industry Seminar Ticket is invalid after the start time of each seminar (11:50).
Please arrive at seminar rooms before the start time. If you do not show up the rooms by the start time, the lunches will be provided to those who are attending the seminars without the tickets.

Attending Bio-industry Seminars without tickets

You can attend Bio-industry Seminars without tickets, however, please note that no lunch service will be provided.

3.Late-Breaking Abstracts

Late-Breaking Abstracts submitted during the period from June 26 to July 19, will be presented at the Poster Presentation room. Late-Breaking Abstracts will not be included in printed Program booklet, however, they will be included in Program search & Abstract browsing System and App.

4.Exhibition-Machinery, Chemical Reagents, Books etc.-

You need to register if you plan to attend Exhibition only.
Date & Time: September 24-26, 9:00-17:00
Place: Event Hall / New Hall
Registration fee for the Exhibition only: JPY 2,000

5.Services & Facilities


The cloakroom is available for the storage of your luggage. Please note that valuables, computers and perishable goods cannot be accepted.
Hours of Operation: September 24 & 25, 7:30-19:15
September 26 8:00-17:15
Location: New Hall

Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi is available at lobby and hallways.
Wi-Fi SSID will be informed on the meeting site.

Business Center (pay services)

Location: 1F, next to Gift Shop
Services: Copying, printing, PC & Internet, currency exchange, etc.

Snacks and Beverages

Snacks and beverages can be purchased at the Exhibition room and parking during the meeting.

Convenience stores / Restaurants

Please refer to "Access & Maps" page for locations of convenience stores and restaurants nearby meeting site.


There is no ATM inside of the meeting site.


The Delivery Desk will be opened as follow:
Date & Time: September 26, 16:30-17:30
Location: Event Hall


There are some parking spaces on Kyoto International Conference Center, however, participants are encouraged to use public transportation due to the limited capacity.
Parking Fee: JPY 800 per day (one time)

Paging Service

No paging service will be provided except in emergency.

6.JBS members with special needs

JBS provides supports for JBS members with special needs.
Please feel free to contact "Consultation Desk". We will respond sincerely to you.

JBS Secretariat Office
Contact person: Keiko Watanabe
Tel: +81(0)3.3815.1913 / Fax: +81(0)3.3815.1934

7.Participants with Children

Day Care Service [Pre-registration necessary]

Opening Hours: September 24 and 25, 8:00-19:30
        September 26, 8:00-17:00
*No meals for children will be provided. Please take your child / children with you for meals or bring meals for your child / children.
Location: Only those who have made reservations will be informed of the location for security reason.
Eligibility: From three months to twelve years old.
Entrusting Company: ALPHA Corporation Inc. (a full member of ACSA: All Japan Childcare Services Association)
Service Fees: JPY 400 (incl. tax) / per hour, per child
Please pay when you bring your child/ children and prepare the exact amount.

[Important] Baby sitters will be arranged based upon your reservation. You will be asked to pay the full amount based on your reservation, even if you did not use the service. If you are delayed in picking up your child/ children, you will be asked to pay the overtime fees.

Contact: Alpha Corporation Inc.
Email:, TEL: +81(0) 75-212-7555, Fax: +81(0) 75-212-7722
(Open: Weekdays 10:00-17:00)

Insurance: ALPHA Corporation Inc. has insurance in the event of unforeseen accidents. The damage incurred by an accident will be insured as long as it is within the insurance coverage. Please note that JBS2018 and JBS Secretariat will not be responsible for any accidents related to the day care service.

Childcare Room

Reservation is not required. Childcare room is available for having meal or take breaks with your child/ children, or for diaper-changing. Please note that you must stay with your child/ children when using the room as there will be no staff in attendance. Please also note that JBS2018 will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur during your use of this room.
Location: Room 509, 5F
Opening Hours: 8:00-19:30 (closed at 17:00 on Sep. 26)


Photography/ Recording

Photography, video recording, and sound recording of the presented data is prohibited.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are prohibited in all of presentation rooms.  Please set your mobile phones to silent mode or turn them off while in the presentation rooms.


Smoking is prohibited except in the designated areas.