Information of Bioindustry Seminar (Luncheon Seminar)

If you would like to participate Bioindustry Seminars, please receive Bioindustry Seminar tickets by the following ways and exchange the ticket for lunch at each seminar room.
The number of advance reservation is limited for each seminar.

How to get Bioindustry Seminar tickets(Luncheon seminar tickets)

1) Before the meeting:

Advance Web booking for participants who have completed pre-registration procedure.
The booking will be open during August 8th - 13th .
Each participant can apply for one seminar for each day.
Bioindustry Seminar tickets will be sent along with a name badge beforehand, so please make sure to bring the tickets with you on the meeting days.

2) During the meeting days:

Distribution ticket's desk for advance or on-site participants.
The desk will locate near registration desk and same-day tickets will be handed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please show your name badge and receive the ticket.
Distribution time is unfixed and will be announced on the web site.


  • The number of lunch is limited for each seminar.
    ※If you would like to audit a seminar without lunch, please ask staff to enter a room.
  • In case we cannot confirm your payment of pre-registration fee, your advance booking will be invalid.
  • Your name badge is required when you receive same-day tickets.
  • The tickets will be invalid after the staring time of the seminars. Please be aware that if you are late, lunch will be provided to those who are attending the seminar without the tickets.



Reservation for bio-industry seminars