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Abstract Submission

Abstract submission :

July 1 (Wed) –  July 15 (Wed)  JST17:00, 2015
July 22 (Wed)  Final deadline    Closed

[ Requirements for Presenters (Oral・Poster) ]

  • To submit an abstract for oral or poster, MBSJ or JBS membership is required. Also, annual member ship fee (2015) should be paid beforehand.
    If you are not a member, please apply for the membership first. For those who have not paid the annual membership fee, please complete the payment as soon as possible.
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  • Before abstract submission, please create a new account and complete advance registration.
    Create a new account and On-line registration
  • Abstract submission must be made by presenters.
    The name of the person who submitted an abstract will be automatically marked as the presenter in the program booklet and the abstract browsing system.
  • You can be a presenter for only one paper.
    To be a co-author for other papers is possible.
  • After abstract submission is closed, we cannot accept any new abstract and editing of submitted abstract.

How to Submit

1.How to submit an abstract
Before abstract submission, please create a new account and complete advance registration.
And then access the abstract submission page and complete the submission according to the instructions.
Create a new account and On-line registration
For inquiries regarding the submission system, please contact BMB2015 secretariat.
(Tel: +81-6-6350-7163, E-mail:

For appointed speakers of Symposia and Workshops

BMB 2015 secretariat will send an individual ID and PW to access the submission system by e-mail. So there is no need to create a new account above.
Please log in the system and submit your abstract by July 15 (Wed). If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the secretariat.
(Tel: +81-6-6350-7163, E-mail:

Please choose topic(s) of your paper from the List of Topics.
3.Application for Oral Presentation
Oral presentations will be selected from submitted free papers.
After judging by the program committees, we will notify you of the result by e-mail in early September. Please note that the oral presenters are required to give a poster presentation, too.
4.Young Scientist Oral Presentation Award
Oral Presentation Award will be given to young scientists who made excellent presentation.
Applicants must be under 30 years old as of December 1, 2015.
We are waiting for your application.
5. Posters in a Row (Excepting abstracts applying for oral presentations)
For those who are applying only for poster presentations and not for oral presentations, you can display your poster in a row with the other posters you registered. If you wish, please access the application page from the button below and register the order of posters.
In the process of this registration, all presenters' names and the abstract submission numbers will be required.
Posters in a row Application Page


6.Length of Abstract
The abstract body should be less than 1,700 letters (not words) in English.
7.Confirmation Notice
Confirmation message will be sent automatically to the registered e-mail address after you have completed abstract submission.
Subject: [BMB2015] Confirmation of abstract submission(Submission No.:******)

If you have not received a confirmation mail within a few minutes, please log in the system again and check if the abstract is submitted properly. If you need any assistance, please contact the secretariat. (

* Using free mail address is not recommended as it may be divided as a spam mail.
8.View/Edit of Submitted Abstracts (Final deadline : June 22(Wed) 17:00  Closed)
You can modify submitted abstract via online only during the submission period.
Please take special attention when you enter Greek alphabet, Italic, superscript, subscript, and mathematical expression.
9.Withdrawal of Submitted Abstracts
You can withdraw submitted abstract via online only during the submission period.
After abstract submission is closed, we basically cannot accept to withdraw the submitted abstract.
10.Authors' Index
Authors' index will be created based on the names you entered.
11.Notice of Acceptance / Rejection
Notice of Acceptance/Rejection will be sent by e-mail in early September.

List of Topics

1Glycobiology and Lipid BiologyGlycoproteins and proteoglycans
Carbohydrate-related enzymes
Bioactive lipids
Sterols, steroids, and lipoproteins
Fatty acids and storage lipids
2ProteinsStructural biology and prediction of functions
Protein folding and quality control
Protein modifications
3Enzymes, Redox and BioenergeticsCatalytic mechanism, regulation, and inhibition of enzymes
Oxidoreductases and metalloenzymes
General enzymes
Coenzymes, vitamins, and minerals
Bioenergetics and electron transport chain
4Cellular Structures and FunctionsTransporters
Structures and functions of the nucleus and organelles
Intracellular trafficking system
Cytoskeleton, cell motility and adhesion, and extracellular matrix
Cell cycle, cell division, and cell polarity
Apoptosis and cell death
5Cellular ResponseExtracellular signaling molecules, receptors, and ion channels
Nuclear receptors
G proteins and signaling proteins
Protein kinases and phosphatases
Stress response and redox response
6Genome and Genetic InformationGenome, chromosome, and structure and functions of the nucleus
Chromatin and epigenetics
DNA replication, DNA recombination, DNA mutation and repair
Transcriptional regulation
RNA processing, transport and translation, and non-coding RNAs
7Development and RegenerationGerm cells and fertilization
Embryogenesis, organogenesis, and morphogenesis
Stem cells and cell differentiation
Developmental engineering and regenerative medicine
8Biology of DiseasesCancer
Immunity and immune diseases
Infectious diseases
Metabolic diseases, metabolic syndrome, metabolomics, and aging
Brain, nervous system, and mental disorders
Hereditary disorders
Diagnosis, xenobiotic metabolism, and toxicology
9NeuroscienceDevelopment and differentiation of nervous system
Synaptic transmission and plasticity, memory, learning, and behavior
Sensory system, biological clock, and photoperiodism
10Plant Biology, Agrobiology, and Food SciencePlant cells, organelles, and organogenesis
Plant genome and genes, and omics analyses
Photosynthesis, environmental responses, plant pathogenic microorganisms
Plant hormones and signal transduction
Agrobiology and food science
11Biotechnology, Frontier Sciences and EvolutionBioinformatics
Systems biology and synthetic biology
Molecular evolution and taxonomy
Omics analysis technologies (genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics)
Genetic engineering, nucleic acid engineering, and genome editing
Protein engineering, antibody engineering, and cell engineering
Chemical biology
Bioimaging and biosensors