Symposium program
Detailed program is here.
【 Symposia List in random order 】
BSJ-ASB joint symposium on live cell imaging
Organizers:Kumiko Hayashi (Tohoku University),
Satoshi Takahashi (Tohoku University)
Bilateral symposium between BSC and BSJ
Organizers:Haruki Nakamura(Osaka University),
Pingsheng Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Frontiers of single molecule biophysics ~Korea-Japan joint symposium~
Organizers:Tae-Young Yoon (Yonsei University),
Sawako Enoki (The University of Tokyo)
Dynamic state theory for plasticity and robustness of biological systems
Organizers:Kunihiko Kaneko (The University of Tokyo),
Chikara Furusawa (RIKEN / The University of Tokyo)
Understanding biochemical functions of the active sites in biomolecular systems by spatial-temporal analysis
Organizers:Yu Takano (Hiroshima City University),
Minoru Kubo (RIKEN)
New extremes of motor proteins and cytoskeleton: step into a new realm with steps or collective motions
Organizers:Takayuki Nishizaka (Gakushuin University),
Ken Nagai (JAIST)
Frontiers in motile cilia: Regulatory mechanisms of bio-nanomachines
Organizers:Toshiyuki Oda (University Yamanashi),
Ken-ichi Wakabayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
What connects the softness of biomolecules to their functions?
Organizers:Kunihiko Ishii (RIKEN),
Keiichi Inoue (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Harmonized supramolecular motility machinery and its diversity
Organizers:Makoto Miyata (Osaka City University),
Taro Ueda (Waseda University)
The developing field of thermal biology
Organizers:Kohki Okabe (The University of Tokyo),
Yoshie Harada (Kyoto University)
Dynamic structural biology by next-generation researchers
Organizers:Tomoya Tsukazaki (NAIST),
Noritaka Nishida (The University of Tokyo)
Advanced bioimaging utilizing resonance between electromagnetic waves and molecules for life
Organizers:Tomomi Nemoto (Hokkaido University),
Atsushi Miyawaki (RIKEN)
Advances in experimental measurements by data-driven science based on sparse modeling
Organizers:Takanori Kigawa (RIKEN),
Teppei Ikeya (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Biophysics of collective cell movement: From single-cell to multi-cell dynamics
Organizers:Satoshi Sawai (The University of Tokyo),
Kazuhiro Aoki (Kyoto University)
Advances in the engineering of protein oligomerization and solubility
Organizers:Satoshi Akanuma (Waseda University),
Yutaka Kuroda (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Advances in imaging neuronal activity: New tools and applications
Organizers:Bernd Kuhn (OIST),
Takashi Tominaga (Tokushima Bunri University)
Biophysical genetics as a genome informatics supported by biophysics
Organizers:Kenta Nakai (The University of Tokyo),
Tsuyoshi Shirai (Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology)
Perspective in biophysical studies on protein molecules applicable for optogenetics
Organizers:Yuji Furutani (Institute for Molecular Science),
Yuki Sudo (Okayama University)
Minority cell research enabled by exhaustive analyses of all cells
Organizers:Takeharu Nagai (Osaka University),
Hiroki R. Ueda (The University of Tokyo / RIKEN)
Physical immunology
Organizers:Tetsuya J. Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo),
Taishin Akiyama (The University of Tokyo)
New fields of cell biology explored with fluorescence and bioluminescence techniques
Organizers:Hiromi Imamura (Kyoto University),
Takumi Koshiba (Kyushu University)
Unraveling the regulation mechanisms of signal transduction in nano- and mesoscale domains in cell membranes
Organizers:Kenichi Morigaki (Kobe University),
Kenichi Suzuki (Kyoto University)
Applications of protein structure data for understanding biological phenomenon
Organizers:Nobuyuki Uchikoga (Chuo University),
Wataru Nemoto (Tokyo Denki University)
Modeling and manipulation of life: A challenge to unveil its complex mechanism
Organizers:Motoshi Kaya (The University of Tokyo),
Takanari Inoue (The Johns Hopkins University)
Frontiers in protein organization and disorganization
Organizers:Tomonao Inobe (University of Toyama),
Daizo Hamada (Kobe University)
Synthetic biology for multicellular system
Organizers:Daisuke Kiga (Waseda University),
Miki Ebisuya (RIKEN)
Management of mitochondrial functions by molecular machineries: Biogenesis, structure, function, adaptation, and elimination
Organizers:Toshiya Endo (Kyoto Sangyo University),
Toshiharu Suzuki (The University of Tokyo)
Information processing governed by dynamic protein phosphorylation
Organizers:Tadayuki Ogawa (The University of Tokyo),
Koji Ode (The University of Tokyo)
Taking a new look through the optical microscopy
Organizers:Kaoru Katoh (AIST),
Masayoshi Nishiyama (Kyoto University)
Programmable bioinspired systems: Integration of precisely designed architectures towards molecular robots
Organizers:Daisuke Ishikawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology),
Yuki Suzuki (Kyoto University)
Synthetic biology approaches to understand biological molecules, complexes, and networks
Organizers:Ken’ya Furuta (NICT),
Hisashi Tadakuma (Kyoto University)
Biological architecture elucidated by advanced electron microscopy: Benefit of high resolution and integration of multidisciplinary observations
Organizers:Takuo Yasunaga (Kyushu Institute of Technology),
Kenji Iwasaki (Osaka University)
From atoms to life: Exploring a new view of life in the 21st century
Organizers:Kazuyuki Akasaka (Kyoto Prefectural University),
Yuzuru Hushimi (SOKENDAI)
Bio-Raman research seeking bio. phys. chem. about the triple point
Organizers:Shin-ichi Morita (Tohoku University),
Yumi Hoshino (Hiroshima University)