JAACT2018 Tsukuba
The 31st Annual and International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology 当日運営スタッフ募集


Meeting Chairperson
Hiroko Isoda
(University of Tsukuba)

Dear Colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to announce that the 31st Annual and International Meeting of Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology (JAACT) will be held at the Tsukuba International Congress Center (Epochal Tsukuba) in Tsukuba, Japan on November 5-8, 2018. We would like to solicit your gracious presence at this meeting, JAACT2018 Tsukuba.

Tsukuba Science City is the largest science technology accumulation site among the country, where more than 300 public and private institutions and enterprises are located. Many foreigners such as researchers and exchange students who seek for high-level experiences and opportunities gather in Tsukuba. Approx. 7,000 foreign residents of more than 120 nationalities live here, and including short stay visitors for business or attending international conferences, Tsukuba is an excellent city where attracting people from all over the world show their abilities.

So I believe Tsukuba is an ideal place for discussing both traditional and cutting-edge animal cell technologies. We wish all of you will come to Tsukuba and grasp “ACT Glocal” at JAACT2018 Tsukuba.

Tsukuba City is located approx. 50 km from Tokyo, only 45 min. by Tsukuba Express line (express railway) and 60 min. by car, which is an excellent accessibility from the central area of Tokyo. The topography is rather flat covered with rich nature, such as Mt. Tsukuba at the north which is familiar to many people, and Lake Kasumigaura at the east which is the second largest lake in Japan. The climate is relatively warm throughout the year, which makes a very comfortable environment.

We are looking forward, with great anticipation, to seeing you in Tsukuba in November, 2018.

Sincerely yours,

Hiroko Isoda
Meeting Chairperson