Information for Participants


On-site registration is available at Registration Desk

Those who have made Advance Registration do no need to register on site. Your name-badge will be mailed to you in June, please wear it and enter the meeting rooms. The name-badges will be sent to only those who completed Advance Registration and paid registration fee by Monday, May 2.


Registration Desk

Location:Kyoto TERRSA 1F (West Biulding)
Open Hours:8:30-17:00 (8:30-16:00 on July 17 (Fri))
Service:On-site Registration, General Information, JSCB membership registration


On-site Registration Fee

  Registration Fee Banquet Program Booklet
Member Regular JPY 8,000 JPY 8,000 ・To be delivered as membership benefit
Student FREE JPY 4,000
Non Member Regular JPY 12,000 JPY 8,000 JPY 3,000
Student FREE JPY 5,000
  • Student is required to show your student ID if you register on -site.
  • Cash Payment ONLY
  • Registration Fee for Non-member does not include fee of Program Booklet



For those who make On-Site Registration, please fill your name and affiliation into the name-badge. You are not permitted to enter any meeting site without name badge.



Banquet will be held as follow. We welcome on-site registration for the banquet.
Date & Time: June 16(Thu) 19:00- 20:30
Venue: Room A [TERRSA Hall]


Program Booklet

Program & Abstract Booklet will be mailed to JSCB members in advance. Program & Abstracts Booklet are available for purchase for JPY 3,000 at Registration Desk.


2.Luncheon Seminar

Luncheon Seminar Ticket will be needed to participate in Luncheon Seminar, due to limited amount of lunches offered at these seminars. You can receive Luncheon Seminar Ticket at the following location and time;

Luncheon Seminar Desk (Ticket for the seminars on the day)
“Exchange Ticket” will be needed to receive “Luncheon Seminar Ticket”.
Exchange Tickets are attached to the name-badge.
Location: Exhibition booth of luncheon seminar company 2F or 3F
Time: 8:30- 

※ You can receive lunch service provided by cosponsoring companies and groups with Luncheon Seminar Ticket. Number of Lunch Ticket differs depending on the seminars and distribution of Luncheon Seminar Ticket will be closed as all the tickets are distributed.

Luncheon Seminar Ticket are invalid after the start time of the seminars. Please be at seminar rooms before the start time. If you do not show up the rooms at the start time, lunch will be provided to those who are attending the seminars without the tickets.


3Gender-Equal Workshop

Gender-Equal Workshop will be held as Luncheon Seminar style.
Date & Time: June 15 (Wed) 12:15- 13:05
Room: Room F


4.Exhibition – Instruments and Chemical Reagents

You need to register if you plan to attend only Exhibition.

June 15(Wed) – June 17(Fri)
8:30- 17:00 on June 15 (Wed)
8:30- 19:00 on June 16 (Thu)
8:30- 16:00 on June 17 (Fri)
Poster/Exhibition Hall, 2F or 3F

5.Services & Facilities


Cloakroom is available below. Please note that valuables and computers cannot be accepted.
We are not responsible for any damage or loss at the cloakroom.

Open Hour: June 15 (Wed) 8:30-19:30 / June 16 (Thu) 8:30-18:30 / June 17 (Fri) 8:30-18:15
Location:Anteroom Matsu 2F


Internet Access

Free Wi-Fi is not available.


Paging service

There is no paging service at the meeting site except for emergency.



Although there is a toll parking lot in the meeting site, participants are encouraged to use public transportation due to limited number of the parking lots.



Photography / Recording

No photography and recording with camera, video, mobiles or any devise is allowed at the lecture, presentation and poster rooms.


Cellphone use

Talking on the cellphone in the lecture/presentation rooms is not accepted. Please set your cellphone on the silent mode and make sure it will not make a noise during lectures/presentations.



Smoking is prohibited in all area except for the separate smoking spot that is located a parking at East building.