The 17th Annual Meeting of the Protein Science Society of Japan

Call for oral presentations in workshops

As a new attempt of this annual meeting, the organizing committee is calling for the oral presentations in the workshops from the applicants for poster presentations. A few oral presentations (per workshop) will be selected from the submitted abstracts and programmed by the organizers of each workshop. We encourage applications of investigators of any age groups for this opportunity.

For those wishing to make the oral presentations, please apply at the time of submitting their abstracts. Please check the list of the workshops and specify the first, second and third wish of the workshops you want to speak. Please note that some workshops do not accept oral presentations from the posters. In addition, please check the language usage in the workshop you want to talk. Workshops that call for oral presenters from poster Click here.

Both regular and student members can apply for the oral presentations. Selected presenters for the oral presentations in workshops are still requested to make their poster presentations.

If a student member applying for Poster Award is selected as a presenter for the oral presentations, he/she will be still asked to give a flash talk as well.

Simultaneous application to Young Scientist Award and to the oral presentation in workshops is also encouraged. However, recipients of Young Scientist Award will not be chosen for the oral presentations in workshops.

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