The 17th Annual Meeting of the Protein Science Society of Japan


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Workshop Poster Session(2nd day)
Young Poster Award Flash Talk ポスター(3日目)
Luncheon Seminar  


Breaking new ground: Tales of the pioneers of protein science<Session Language: English>
Organizers:  Satoshi Takahashi (Tohoku Univ.)  Kanji Inaba (Tohoku Univ.)  Mitsuo Umetsu (Tohoku Univ.)

The current protein science encompasses broad areas including basic researches at the molecular and cellular levels and applied researches in industry and pharmacy. It is the efforts of researchers that opened new research fields and expanded the scope of protein science. In this symposium, prominent invited speakers will present their motivations in the early phases of investigations, the efforts to overcome the difficulties, and the future perspectives of their researches.

Revisiting translation after the translocon
Koreaki Ito (Kyoto Sangyo Univ.)
Structural studies of membrane proteins by cryo-EM
Yoshinori Fujiyoshi (Nagoya Univ.)
De novo design of proteins.
William F. DeGrado (Univ. of California, San Francisco)
Molecular dynamics simualtions on biomolecular structure-dynamics-function relationship in cellular environments
Yuji Sugita (RIKEN)
Physical Biochemistry of Antibody Interaction for Therapeutics
Kouhei Tsumoto (The University of Tokyo)
Young Scientist Award Symposium<Session Language: English>
Chairs:  Terukazu Nogi (Yokohama City Univ.) , Susumu Uchiyama (Osaka Univ.)
Speakers:  Reiya Taniguchi, Yongchan Lee, Yoshimasa Takizawa, Toru Ekimoto, Masahiro Shimizu,
Hiroshi Watanabe, Ai Niitsu, Kazuto Suzuki, Tatsuya Nojima, Norifumi Kawakami


Speakers , Outline Click   Here
<Session Language: Japanese>
20 years anniversary since nucleosome structure was determined –what we have learned and what we have not yet.
Organizers: Hitoshi Kurumizaka (Waseda Univ.)  Hidetoshi Kono (QST)
<Session Language: Japanese>
Structure, solution property and function of antibody drugs -Development of biophysical characterization methods for enhanced properties-
Organizers: Susumu Uchiyama (Osaka Univ.)  Shinya Honda (AIST)
<Session Language: English>
Bottom-up design of artificial proteins functionable in vitro and in vivo
Organizers: Ryoichi Arai (Shinshu Univ.)  Masahiro Kawahara (Univ. of Tokyo)
<Session Language: Japanese>
Protein Science in Oxygen Sensing
Organizers: Norio Suzuki (Tohoku Univ.)  Ken Itoh (Hirosaki Univ.)
<Session Language: English>
Flexibility and function of proteins
Organizer: Yasuhisa Mizutani (Osaka Univ.)
<Session Language: English>
Measurement techniques for visualizing 'live' protein molecules
Organizer: Daisuke Kohda (MiB, Kyushu Univ.)
<Session Language: Japanese>
Structure, solution property and function of antibody drugs -Recent researches on activity and immunogenicity-
Organizers: Akiko Ishii (NIHS)  Kohei Tsumoto (Univ. of Tokyo)
<Session Language: Japanese>
Peptide structure and dynamics: from soluble to membrane-bound
Organizers: Minoru Sakurai (Tokyo Inst.Tech.)  Izuru Kawamura (Yokohama National Univ.)
<Session Language: English>
Organelle homeostasis ensured by nascent chains
Organizers: Kenji Inaba (IMRAM, Tohoku Univ.)  Yukio Fujiki (MiB, Kyushu Univ.)
<Session Language: English>
APPA/PS/PSSJ Joint Workshop - IPR Seminar: Toward International Cooperation in Protein Science
Organizers:  Hiroki Shirai (Astellas Pharma Inc.)  Hiroyuki Noji (Univ. of Tokyo)  Yuji Goto (IPR, Osaka Univ.)
<Session Language: English>
Approaches toward innovative biological medicine from protein science
Organizers: Ito Yuji (Kagoshima Univ.)  Mitsuo Umetsu (Tohoku Univ.)
<Session Language: Japanese>
Recent progress and future in structural life science at SACLA
Organizers:  Eriko Nango (RIKEN SPring-8 center)  Toru Nakatsu (Kyoto Univ.)
<Session Language: English>
Structural Dynamics of Metals in Biology
Organizers: Kouhei Tsumoto (Univ. of Tokyo)  Yoshitsugu Shiro (Univ. of Hyogo)
<Session Language: Japanese>
Integrative approach to Dynamical ordering of protein systems by using multi-probes
Organizers: Masaaki Sugiyama (RRI, Kyoto Univ.)  Hironari Kamikubo (NAIST)
<Session Language: Japanese>
Concert of theory and experiment in the protein science
Organizers: Takashi Yoshidome (Tohoku Univ.)  Tomotaka Oroguchi (Keio Univ.)
<Session Language: Japanese>
Functional analysis of intrinsically disordered region and multi-subunit complex
Organizers: Masayuki Seki (Tohoku Med. Pharm. Univ.)  Masami Horikoshi (IMCB Univ. of Tokyo)
<Session Language: English>
Science of mobility-coupled functional molecules
Organizers: Ryota Iino (OIIB,IMS)  Ken'ya Furuta (NICT)

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