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Abstract Submission

Abstract submission has been closed on February 22, however, we assume there are some more researchers with latest accomplishments. To make the meeting more meaningful, we would like to call for “Late-breaking Abstracts” from those who could not make it in time for the former deadline.
We look forward to receiving your abstracts.

Late-breaking Abstracts
April 5 (Wed.) – April 28 (Fri.), 17:00 JST, 2017 Closed.

< Important notes >
•Late-Breaking Abstracts will not be printed on program booklets. They will only appear on online abstracts.

1. Abstract Submission Requirements

  • To submit an abstract, JSCB membership is required.
    If you are not a JSCB member, apply for membership beforehand.
    For JSCB members, please complete payment for annual membership fee before abstract submission.
  • Complete Pre-registration before abstract submission. In order to submit an abstract, you will need to enter 6-digit pre-registration ID, which will be sent to you upon completion of pre-registration.
    Click here for Pre-registration
  • You can be a presenter for only one paper. There is no problem with being a co-author of other papers.

2. Guidelines

1. Prior to submission

  1. How to submit an abstract
    Download the abstract format by clicking the button on the end of this page, fill all the necessary information and send to the meeting secretariat via email. The abstract format must be saved in MS Word.
    JSCB2017 Secretariat : jscb2017@aeplan.co.jp
  2. Presentation style
    Poster presentation only
  3. Membership Number
    You are required to enter your JSCB membership ID. If your application for membership is in process, please enter “9999” instead.
    If you forgot your ID, please contact JSCB Secretariat
    E-mail: jscb@nacos.com

2. Apply for Poster

3. Notes on the abstract submission / Submission ID / Confirmation notice

  1. Length of Abstract
    Abstract should be less than 2,315 one-byte characters including title, author(s), affiliation(s), and body.
  2. Abstract Submission ID
    Please keep your abstract submission ID, which will be sent to you by the meeting secretariat upon completion of abstract submission.
    You need the abstract submission ID to edit or withdraw your submitted abstract.
  3. Confirmation Notice of Abstract Submission
    Notice including Abstract Submission ID will be sent to your registered email address in a few days after you complete abstract submission.

4. Edit / Withdrawal of Submitted Abstract, Notice of Acceptance /Rejection

  1. Edit
    Send your revised abstract by e-mail with your Abstract Submission ID to the meeting secretariat. You cannot edit your abstract after the abstract submission period is closed.
  2. Withdrawal
    If you want to withdraw your abstract, notify the secretariat by e-mail with your Abstract Submission ID. You cannot withdraw your abstract after the abstract submission period is close.
  3. Notice of Acceptance / Rejection
    Notice will be sent to you by email in the Middle of May, 2017. We recommend you to register email address other than free mail address. The notice may not be sent to you successfully if you register free mail address.
Abstract Submission Form
Late-breaking Abstracts


Send the format to the meeting secretariat at jscb2017@aeplan.co.jp