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The venue of IPS2018, Kyoto, proudly reigned as capital of Japan for over 1200 years. The history and heritage of this city lives on in its 1.5 million population, a cultural city having both modern and traditional aspects. Seventeen UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Sites and more than 2000 temples and shrines blend in with the cityscape. Kyoto is also well known for its stunning landscapes, especially for the vibrantly colored leaves during autumn.

We are happy to host the 10th IPS during the early in December when we can still expect the height of autumn, while feeling the incoming of winter. This time offers the best chance to indulge in the beauty of the city.

Kyoto surely offers a fascinating and unforgettable opportunity to experience the exquisite and unique culture of Japan. Kyoto will also provide you the opportunity to enjoy various types of Japanese foods (Washoku, UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage), including Kyoto's traditional cuisine (Kyokaiseki).

If your schedules permit, you may also visit nearby cities of Nara, Osaka and Kobe, where you may find differences in cultures and atmospheres between the cities to better enjoy your visit in Japan.

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