10th International Peptide Symposium – Excursion –

* Fees include English-speaking guides, lunch, transportation, and entrance fees
* Schedule may change depending on traffic and weather conditions.
* A minimum of thirty (30) participants must confirm participation before the course is carried out.

Course 1 (Himeji Castle & Sake brewery)

Price per person : 5,030 JPY
Number of participants: 30 - 45 persons

Miyako Messe ----- Himeji Castle ------- Lunch / Sake Brewery ------- Kyoto Station
8:30   11:00 12:00   12:30 14:00   16:30

~ Himeji Castle ~
Himeji Castle (姫路城, Himejijō), also known as White Heron Castle (Shirasagijo) for its elegant, white appearance, is widely considered as Japan's most spectacular castle due to its imposing size and beauty and to its well preserved complex castle grounds. The castle is both a national treasure and a world heritage site.

Course 2 (Arima Onsen Hot Spring & Premium Outlet)

Price per person : 7,170 JPY
Number of participants: 30 - 45 persons

Miyako Messe ----- Arima Onsen / Lunch ------- KOBE - SANDA Premium Outlet ------- Kyoto Station
8:30   10:30 13:30   14:00 16:00   17:30

~ Arima Onsen ~
Arima Onsen (有馬温泉) is a famous hot spring town within the city limits of Kobe. With a history of over one thousand years, Arima Onsen is considered as one of Japan's oldest hot spring resort

Course 3 (Nara, Tōdai-ji Temple etc. & Uji, Byodoin Temple)

Price per person : 5,650 JPY
Number of participants: 30 - 45 persons

Miyako Messe ----- Tōdai-ji temple / Nara Park -------  Lunch  ------- Kasuga Taisha Shrine -------
9:30     10:30 11:30   11:45  13:00   13:15 14:00  
----- Byodoin Temple ------- Kyoto Station
  15:10 16:10   17:00

~ Tōdai-ji temple, Nara Park and Kasuga Taisha Shrine ~
Todaiji (東大寺, Tōdaiji, "Great Eastern Temple") and Kasuga Taisha (春日大社), world heritage sites in Nara. Experience an encounter with wild deer in nearby Nara Park.
~ Byodoin Temple ~
Byodoin Temple (平等院, Byōdōin) is a striking example of Buddhist Pure Land (Jodo) architecture. Together with its garden, the temple represents the Pure Land Paradise, which became influential to later temple constructions across Japan. The hall is featured on the Japanese ten yen coin.


*In case of cancellation, your tour fee will be refunded after deducting the cancellation fees as shown below.
*Cancellation fee when notice is given:

8 days or more days prior to the starting date of the tour No Charge
7 days to 2 days prior to the starting date of the tour 30% of tour fee
1 day prior to the starting date of the tour 40% of tour fee
Prior to the starting time of the tour 50% of tour fee
After day of departure, or in case of failure to show without notice 100% of the tour fee
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