A volume of the Symposium Proceedings "Peptide Science 2018" will be published by the Japanese Peptide Society. All presenting authors of the oral and poster sessions are welcomed/encouraged to contribute their manuscripts to the Proceedings. The manuscripts should be submitted on-line as instructed below. The pdf version of the "Peptide Science 2018" will be sent to the contributors with free of charge. Hard cover book will also be published. A copy can be purchased through this web page.

Deadline for Proceedings Submission

December 21 (Fri), 2018

Charges for Submission

Free (the pdf version of the only)

8,000JPY (the pdf version and (1) hard-cover book, shipped to an address in Japan)

10,000JPY (the pdf version and (1) hard-cover book, for international shipping)

Method of Payment

Payment can be made by credit card (Visa, Master Card or American Express), postal transfer, or bank transfer. For overseas participants , payment can only be done via credit card.

Deadline:December 21(Fri), 2018, 5:00pm JST

NOTE: Failure to complete the payment before the deadline will result in the cancellation of your registration.

Payment by credit card

Please provide your credit card information in the Proceedings submission.
It may take a few days to receive payment confirmation as transactions will need to be processed.

Payment by postal or bank transfer [ available only to domestic participants ]

Please transfer the registration fee to the following account at the nearest post office.
Please make sure to specify the following information on the transfer form:

- Registration number (6 digits)
- Registrant's name
- Registrant's affiliation

Postal transfer account

Account number: 00180-3-451418
Account name: 10th IPS

Transfer from a bank account

Bank transfer is also available. Please remit to the following account.

Bank name: Japan Post Bank
Branch: 019
Account type: Checking Account
Account Number: 0451418
Note: Transfer fee should be paid by transferrers.


名  称:10th IPS
カナ名称:テンス アイピーエス



「振込日」「振込金額」「Registration ID」「ご氏名」

名  称:10th IPS
カナ名称:テンス アイピーエス
店  名:ゆうちょ銀行 〇一九(ゼロイチキユウ)店
当座預金 口座番号:0451418

Instructions for the Authors

  1. You may download the detailed instruction and template here.
  2. Proceeding submissions must completely follow the formatting guidelines.
  3. Title and authors should be exactly the same as those presented in the Symposium.
  4. Contribution in one page in A4 size is highly recommended. However, you may write up to two pages including Figures if necessary. Contribution exceeding to 3 pages will not be accepted.
  5. The pdf version will be published in color while the hard copy version in grayscale. Authors may submit figures with color, however please ensure that these figures can be properly reproduced in grayscale.
  6. Please proofread your manuscript carefully. Make sure you have the correct margin settings, without page numbers. Headers and footers should not be modified. There should not be any modification on the template settings.


  1. Files for Proceedings must be prepared using the template and submitted in Pdf format.
  2. The file name should contain the presentation number followed by an underscore "_" and the last name of the presenting author (e.g. O-108_Kyoto, PA-311_Tokyo).
  3. Authors who are not fluent in English are encouraged to have their manuscripts professionally edited before submission.
  4. Submissions will be published on the Proceedings after being subjected to a peer-review process.
  5. Submission of copyright transfer agreement to the Japanese Peptide Society is required for the final acceptance.

Expected Date of Publication

March, 2019


If you have any questions about the submission to "Peptide Science 2018", please contact us via e-mail through (not